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Natural Poland Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of NFC apple juices. The most important goal for our company is to supply healthy products from Poland to each corner of the world. We believe that NFC juices are a crucial part of this mission due to their superior taste and nutrients retention.

Our other business activities are import, export and distribution of semi-finished products to various industries. In our offer you will also find plant extracts, oils, butters, raw materials for supplements, cosmetics and food industry - our product portfolio is constantly expanded with goods often available only from us. We are a company with an established position in the market, stable, with adequate capital, which allows us to implement even the most demanding contracts.


Poland - the origin of european apples

Poland is the first producer of apples in Europe, with an annual production of 2.5 million tons. Apples stand for more than 80% of the fruit production in Poland. Apples have already been highly appreciated for their rich taste and good influence on health in Ancient Greece and Rome. In the archaeological site of Biskupin, Poland, the remnants of apple trees dating back to 1600 B.C. were found. Today, Polish apples are widely known for their nutrition values and health-boosting effects.

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